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Our Team

Our Pharmacy embodies the dedication and passion toward our Patients and the communities and residents we serve 24/7/365.

Lindenhurst Pharmacy

Chirag Patel


Pharmacy Lindenhurst ProHealth

Dimple Bhlalodia

IL Licensed Pharmacist

"I have the privilege of helping patients manage their health while continuously learning in the dynamic field of Pharmacy.  I am humbled to be a guide and trusted resource in their everyday healthcare decisions"

Pharmacy.Technician.Lindenhurst.IL<br />

Enya Barrett

Certified Pharmacy Technician

"Working at the pharmacy is extremely enjoyable. I am committed to helping patients with  the medications they need at ProHealth. It's rewarding to interact with them and I look forward to coming to work each and every day."

Pharmacist in Lindenhurst, IL

Stephanie Mansfield

Certified Pharmacy Technician

"ProHealth is home to a team of dedicated, friendly individuals. I take pride in the daily impact I make, knowing I can help people. The unique, personal connection we create with customers really sets us apart from larger pharmacies."

Pharma Tech in Lindenhurst

Ana Corona

Certified Pharmacy Technician

"Working at the pharmacy is immensely gratifying. I love the opporutnity to directly with the patients and our onsite Pharmicists as well. It's a role that I take very seriously for our patients and my career."

Lindenhurst Pharmacy Tech<br />

Janet Gutierrez

Certified Pharmacy Technician

"I thoroughly enjoy my role as a Certified Pharmacy Technician. It's gratifying to contribute to each patients situation by accurately dispensing and offering valuable support. Every day brings opportunities to make a positive patient impact."

Local Independent Pharmacy in Lindenhurst IL

Dwisha Patel

Pharmacy Technician

"Working as a Pharmacy Technician is my passion.  Every day, I get to make a real difference in patients' lives. by ensuring they receive the right medications and offering support. It's a gratifying journey of care and compassion."

Local Independent Pharmacy in Lindenhurst IL

Karina Cosio

Pharmacy Technician

"Our entire team is wholeheartedly focused on delivering affordable, precise, and expedient prescription and healthcare services to our patients. Feel free to any one of us for guidance on living well.  We are all here to help."

Lindenhurst Pharmacy Tech Chelsea

Chelsea Anthony

Pharmacy Technician

"Being a Certified Pharmacy Tech at ProHealth is something I look forward as the camaraderie with our staff and the bonds with patients brings a strong sense of beloning. It's a job that feels like family every day."

Lindenhurst Pharmacy Doctor

Naomi Monk

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

"My devotion to medicine is delivering patient-centered care. I focus on health outcomes, providing education, and fostering a kind-hearted relationship with each individual I have the privilege to serve."

Pharmacy Gift Store Lindenhurst IL

Anthony Chandler

Certified Medical Assistant

"I assist our medical professionals in patient care, ensuring a smooth clinical experience while contributing to the efficient operation of our healthcare services"